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Welcome to Coffee News Annapolis Valley

Coffee News® in the Annapolis Valley is an ACTIVE marketing medium, specializing in the ongoing weekly promotion of your business. This builds awareness of your company so you become known as the choice in your market. It can help you develop your brand so people think of you first when they want your service or products.

Advertising in Coffee News

Advertising your business in Coffee News Annapolis Valley provides local effective, exclusive and affordable advertising to small and medium-sized businesses.

Our paper features ads on the “front or back” page lending to high visibility. It’s all about local advertising. With a new issue every week, your ad will be seen again and again by customers all across the Valley!

Your advertisements become one of the main “features” of our weekly magazine as our contests point readers to your advertising ads where each week we hide a icon and readers can find it and submit to win a prize. Many readers come to know your print advertising in detail which lends itself to branding your local business.


Planning a small business marketing campaign can be difficult and sometimes very costly. Advertising in a major newspaper doesn’t always provide the coverage you need to your ideal clients. Providing a direct link to the residents here in the Annapolis Valley, with print advertising in Coffee News, is a great, creative way to boost your local business marketing or branding strategy.

You will find us in Fine Dining establishments, Fast Food restaurants, Coffee Shops, Dentist and Doctors waiting rooms and places where people wait throughout the region. Coffee News® provides an uplifting reading experience  while the order is taken and the meal is prepared or a service rendered. Since most patrons can read Coffee News® in about eight minutes, they have plenty of time to read all the ads as well. Coffee News® works!

For local advertising rate information, please contact us today!

Coffee News Advertising Benefits


There are many positive reasons to advertise your local business in Coffee News. Here are just a few of Coffee News advertising benefits which provides local effective, exclusive and affordable advertising to small and medium-sized businesses. With a new issue every week, your ad will be seen again and again by customers in your area! Grow your business through the power of effective, affordable advertising.

Great reasons to advertise in Coffee News today!

Exclusive – Lock out your competition!  We only allow one company per category to advertise with us.  Your competitors are not allowed in, promoting you as the industry leader. 

Effective – Coffee News® is seen three meals a day, seven days a week, and readership is 5-7 times the number of copies distributed.  Coffee News® allows you to reach a large, targeted audience. The advantage of local advertising.

Affordable – With Coffee News®, you are targeting your local clients, and not paying for markets that you are not in.  Coffee News® manages to reach the highest concentration of potential customers of any media, for a fraction of the cost!

More “Bang For The Buck” – Ads are very affordable in comparison to other media and provide a high return on your investment.

It’s Positive –  Coffee News® provides businesses the benefits of advertising next to good news, reflecting them in a positive light.

It’s Targeted – Ads are seen three meals a day, seven days a week. Businesses can target loyal, local customers who have disposable income. The consistency of the message brings results! Repetition = Recognition

High Visibility – Each copy is read 5-7 times because it is shared and reused! Ads rotate each week to maximize the visibility and effectiveness of your message.

It’s Local – Each edition has a local “What’s Happening Events” as a main feature. Local contests also drive readers to our fun restaurant magazine. Advertisers are local businesses in the Annapolis Valley Coffee prints. 

Free Online exposure – Local publishers will not only run your advertisement in their printed magazine but supplement that effort by placing your ad on their local web sites and Social Media entities. Advertisement benefits only Coffee News Magazine can offer.



Advertisers' Frequently Asked Questions

How do a place an ad in my local edition of Coffee News?
Just contact us! Ad sizes are standard in our publications. Business card size 3″ x 2″ is the standard. As we are a one page publication all ads appear on the front and back of our publication and never buried in the middle!  Compared to other forms of media or the local “newspapers” our rates are affordable and produce results! Exclusive category advertising makes you the owner of your real estate in Coffee News. Contact us today, obtain more information on our rates, coverage and more.

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